The History of Seaquest


Seaquest was a hour long futuristic drama that was broadcast on NBC from 1993 to 1996. The first 2 season that show was know as Seaquest DSV and the final season it was known as Seaquest 2032. The show was based on a high tech submarine and the crew worked for an organization known as the United Earths Oceans (UEO), which patrolled the Earths oceans keeping the peace and exploring.

The first two season of Seaquest DSV, the captain was Nathan Bridger who was played by Roy Scheider of Jaws fame. In the shortened third season of Seaquest 2032 that captain was Oliver Hudson played by Michael Ironside, who has been in many genre shows. The first season of Seaquest was a bit more grounded in a futuristic reality, where as the second and third season went more into a less reality based future, with elements not as plausible. Each season was very different from each other, and most likely is why the series did not have a long run in the end, due to changing the theme and characters on the show.

Seaquest had a rather impressive guest cast list, with some many well known actors appearing in different episodes. To mention a few, William Shatner, Mark Hamill, Charlton Heston, Seth Green, Tim Russ, Kent McCord, Michael York, Dom DeLuise and Yaphet Kotto. Of regular cast members, only Don Franklin, Jonathan Brandis and Ted Raimi were the only ones to appear in all three season of the show, with both Brandis and Raimi writing an episode of the show.